Senior Technical Delivery Manager

N26 is building a Strategy & Delivery team to assure the continuing improvement and evolution of N26’s Technology organization. As a new role in the organization we seek a seasoned technical professional to use a structured, data-driven approach to radiate the measurements-that-matter to advise our product development organization. This role will need to bring both the art and science together with a mix of Agile and scientific management practices.

This role requires Program Management or Engineering Management experience, specifically with continuous delivery and agile practices and the ability to derive impactful data and drive its utilization. This role will support a product development organization numbers in the hundreds.

  • Definition, collection, reporting, and action rituals for Health Metrics including productivity, reliability, and employee satisfaction. 
  • Advise prioritization, risk, and delivery on PTX Roadmaps by using productivity, capacity/resource, and reliability data.
  • Assure collection, reporting, and action rituals for PTX OKRs.
  • Assure data collection meets or exceeds requirements for SLA reporting of N26 Tech. 

Although this position is situated within the Technology organization, the role will require close collaboration with our Agile Coaches and various leadership levels within Product, Engineering, and UX.

Once here you will

  • Collaboratively revise and define the Health Metrics.
  • Coordinate the implementation for the collection of the metrics.
  • Define and coordinate the implementation of reporting the metrics on various communication channels and mediums.
  • Generate reports, documentation, and live docs supporting the overall Health Metric program.
  • Develop resource, capacity, and risk models using productivity and reliability data.
  • Apply the models to continuous planning rituals to advise prioritization and risk.
  • Collaboratively revise and define, monitor, and assure the conduct of the rituals for reviewing and acting on Health Metrics, Key Results, and SLA data.
  • Document and communicate goals clearly and comprehensively to technical and non-technical stakeholders.
  • Work with management to improve best practices and processes.

What you’ll bring along

  • Solid educational background or practical experience in a similar role is critical.
  • Knowledge of Agile methodologies.
  • Familiarity with the operations of a technology organization.
  • Excellent written and spoken English communication skills.
  • Excellent multi-tasking, as we grow fast and changes come up frequently.
  • Knowledge of the products we offer and passion for N26.
  • Hungry to constantly learn and improve.


  • Experience with Security and Regulatory Compliance best practices.
  • Experience working with Engineering Managers, Product Owners, Developers and Regulations.
  • Experience working with interdisciplinary Agile teams.
  • Some old school process knowledge for bridging the gap between.
  • Experience documenting processes in regulated environments.