Senior Site Reliability Engineer (m/f/d)

At FreightHub, we are building the backbone of global trade. We are revolutionizing logistics by making it easier, faster, and more cost-efficient to move goods from point A to point B anywhere in the world – via container ships, planes, trucks, and trains. By radically automating processes and designing a superior user experience we make buying and selling goods anywhere on the globe more efficient and easy than ever before. If you aim to create impact with your work, solve real-world problems, and digitalize a multi-trillion-€ industry that fosters global prosperity, we’d love you to join FreightHub!


  • We build quoting and routing algorithms to calculate prices for moving goods globally, e.g. what does it cost and how long does it take to move 1500 bikes from Taiwan to Berlin via airplane, ship or railway?
  • We ingest live tracking data of ships, trucks and airplanes to infer meaningful actions on the supply chain, e.g. re-routing shipments when a ship arrives late
  • We automate processes to lift the degree of automation from 5% to 90% - killing faxes, emails and phone calls from logistics once and for all


  • You have hands-on experience in designing and managing scalable highly-available infrastructure projects
  • You have experience hosting on PaaS or IaaS. Especially AWS using a container orchestration tool
  • You have deployed and maintained microservices architectures in production and are familiar with tools such as Consul, Terraform, Vagrant, Ansible
  • You empower engineers by giving them developer-friendly self-service access to allocate and manage the resources as needed
  • You dive into application code to troubleshoot deployment issues and commit fixes if necessary get it up and running
  • You have a deep understanding of the intricate details of how a Linux-based system works; including filesystem tuning, package management, and security hardening
  • You have a good understanding of the different layers and protocols in the TCP/IP network stack with experience in fine-tuning the network stack for real-time communications (based on websocket)
  • You can architect a network infrastructure that is scalable and secure 
  • Building infrastructure and eliminating work through automation


  • Build and maintain a modern, scalable, highly-available infrastructure to power up our products and services
  • Enable easy-to-use and fast continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines
  • Ensure all of our infrastructure and services are set up with 24x7 monitoring, reports, and meaningful alerts
  • Deploy tooling to manage the microservices environment with ease: Configuration management, Infrastructure as Code & standardization!
  • Create and exercise backup and disaster recovery plans that cover the whole range of deployed services
  • Grow with our rapidly growing team and adapt to the new challenges ever day 
  • Currently we use the following tools and technologies for DevOps: CircleCi, Heroku, GitHub, Papertrail, Sentry, HostedGraphite, Docker, Vagrant, Kubernetes


  • Be part of a young, international and highly motivated team led by a highly experienced founding team that recently completed Series B with USD 30M with top VC investors (Maersk Growth, Northzone, Cherry Ventures, Global Founders Capital and others)
  • Bring your own ideas and proposed solutions to a fast-growing company and contribute to making global trade faster, easier and more transparent
  • Experience our unique corporate culture, which includes pizza and beer on Friday evenings, sports events and cooking evenings as well as much more
  • Benefit from our Learning&Development offers and from a steep learning curve
Check out our video to see what it is like to work at FreightHub: