Medical Science Liaison (USA)


Clue helps everyone who menstruates to understand their bodies—and to be empowered by that knowledge. Our vision is to enable women and people with cycles to live in tune with their biology, not in spite of it.

Founded by Ida Tin, Clue is a VC backed startup based in Berlin helping over 12 million people each month get insights into their reproductive health via our Android and iOS Apps. We collaborate with world-leading universities and institutes to advance female health research with our dataset, and deliver essential education about health, periods, and sex via our website,

At Clue we embrace a culture that values everyones’ uniqueness and lets them flourish as an individual. We are constantly working on creating an environment which provides equal opportunities, regardless of your ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, religion, and any other diverse backgrounds. As a part of our team, your unique set of talents will always be appreciated and we’re committed to provide them with a nurturing and safe environment.


We are looking for an experienced person who can use their relationship and network-building experience to develop Clue’s relationships with the Health Care Practitioner (HCP) community. This is a key part of the journey of Clue Birth Control, as well as Clue’s work and mission.  

The role is supervised by Clue’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO). The Medical Science Liaison is responsible for assisting in the  development of HCP’s confidence in Clue as a regulated medical device (SaMD) company and HCP’s advocacy of Clue Birth Control to their patients. The role will support Clue’s growth journey to become a much-loved consumer app that is similarly understood and trusted by the clinical community, by managing the implementation of the Physician Outreach Strategy and the Clue Med Board Strategy. The goal is to assist the dialogue between HCPs and Clue, so that we can continue to support patients - in consultation with their HCPs - in making  the right sexual, menstrual and reproductive decisions for themselves.


Physician Outreach Strategy

  • Identifies influential HCPs in medicine and academia relevant to Clue Birth Control
  • Acts as the first point of contact for HCPs interested in Clue and Clue Birth Control and provides follow up for HCP contacts 
  • Develops and disseminates medical and scientific information to HCPs via multiple channels (including conferences and marketing materials)
  • Manage Clue’s presence at conferences and meetings, taking care of the logistics (planning and operations) 
  • Monitors the progress and outcomes of the Physician Outreach Strategy and contributes to the future development of the strategy

Clue Med Board Strategy

  • Ensure timely communication so that the Clue Med Board stays informed and can guide Clue’s product development
  • Consult the Med Board members to support Clue decision making (e.g. grant proposals)
  • Empower the Med Board members to act as Medical Ambassadors for Clue


  • US-based professional with Masters in Nursing (preferably CNM or NPWH) or Physician Assistant or Physician Associate in OBGYN
  • Several years of experience working with and teaching HCPs
  • In-depth knowledge in US Health sector, specifically in reproductive or tech fields
  • Solid network of clinician contacts and attends reproductive health/primary care conferences NPWH, ACNM, and AWHONN
  • Project management, administrative, organisation and prioritisation skills 
  • Excellent communication skills in English
  • Availability to travel (3-4 times per year)
  • Availability of combining Patient Practice and Clue (between 10-40h/week with schedule flexibility)


We believe personal growth is essential for professional growth which is why we offer all the standard benefits, plus some that are uniquely Clue.

  • Care for your body and mind with free weekly yoga, and free coaching
  • Learn and grow next to an international team of professionals
  • Work your way and adapt your working hours to your personal/professional needs
  • Long term job opportunity and being part of Clue's global impact
  • Clue Plus Subscription to get the best out of our app!