Klarna Graduate Program Berlin

About Klarna

Klarna was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2005. Since then we've changed the banking industry forever. And now we're creating the world's smoothest shopping experience. We serve over 90 million consumers worldwide, and partner with 250,000 merchants – with a new merchant joining us every 8 minutes. Including some of the world's leading brands, such as H&M, ASOS, IKEA, Adidas, Samsung and Lufthansa. Our offices are spread over 17 different markets, hosted by 4000+ employees from 100+ nationalities.

As a graduate you will apply to one of our competences and stay in this competence during the whole program.As a graduate you will apply to one of our competences and stay in this competence during the whole program.Klarna’s 12 months rotational graduate program is designed to give you the tools and knowledge needed to shine at Klarna and in the industry. It’s your chance to learn from some of the most talented and innovative leaders in a fast paced international environment. You’ll gain insights and solve real business challenges in one of our many areas.

Who you are:
You are the humble colleague that is willing to go the extra mile to deliver high quality results. You showcase extreme attention to the customer and could easily identify root causes for recurring problems and drive solutions through execution. You know that speed and quality are balanced depending on feature and customer experience. You know how it is to fail and do so gloriously but jumping back up at it. You are able to build strong collaborations, and understand the importance of listening. When things are off you show courage and set things straight and prioritise. And you know that to truly disrupt the industry it requires radical detailed thinking.

What you’ll get to do:
The program is a full time employment in one of our competences and contains 2 rotations in different domains and teams to give you as a graduate the chance to explore our business from several perspectives. You’ll be invited to several training modules throughout the journey to expand and deepen your knowledge in specific areas. You will also have networking opportunities with other graduates and people from all over Klarna.

Here at Klarna, you aren’t recruited for a specific role, but rather for your competence, skill set and potential. What we promise you is a fast pace, challenging problems, and collaboration with many brilliant colleagues. Be ready for change, be ready to learn and be ready to challenge an organisation to excel.

As a graduate you will apply to one of our competences and stay in this competence during the whole program. Read more about the participating competences below.

You will play an important role in taking Klarna to the next level - thus, you should desire to go above and beyond to deliver and grow as an individual. At Klarna we embrace change, you should dare to challenge the status quo and be persistent in doing so.

An analyst at Klarna provides analytical and business expertise to ensure that we deliver value to customers, Klarna and our investors. You will be acting as a bridge between the models, operations, products and business decisions and expected to know how to build strategies by connecting them.

As your career develops you will develop expertise in certain areas. However, there are a number of core skills shared by all analysts at Klarna. Klarnauts in the Analytics Competence have the ability to apply the following approach:
Create structure in disordered information/data
Manipulate and explore data
Analyse problems to understand their root cause
Design and implement strategies in a rapidly evolving industry
Generate insights and recommendations
Communicate insights and recommendations

Data Science:
Data Science plays a vital role in Klarna’s operation. Historically, our focus areas have revolved around real-time risk decision-making for transactions. This can either pertain to credit assessment for individuals or identification of fraudulent transactions. Since then we have added many new data science areas such as predicting customer lifetime value, predicting return behavior in e-commerce, etc. 

In Data Science you will work with:
Work closely with several engineering teams and business analysts to find new and smart ways of consolidating data and making use of it in order to make better models and ultimately better predictions
Be part of the Engineering organisation. Hence your workflow will be software-driven in terms of deploying models to production, using version control, and in general employing software engineering best practices
Be innovative, cooperative, collaborative, open and have a flexible mindset with critical thinking

In order to be successful:
The theoretical foundations of classical and recent machine learning models and algorithms, such as generalized linear models, random forests and ensemble methods, deep neural networks etc.

Service Delivery:
We’re all geared towards providing the best, simplest and smooothest shopping experience. Not only that, we’re also the second largest competence at Klarna with over 1000 employees across the globe. To do this, Service Delivery Heroes operate across a broad range of services from handling escalated customer cases from our 1st line partners, to leading merchant onboarding or investigating potential fraud. We also support our very own internal customers with teams working towards people management, office operations, compliance screening and recruitment.

You will play an important role in taking Klarna to the next level thus, you should desire to go above and beyond to produce best work results! At Klarna we embrace change, you should dare to challenge the status quo and be persistent. You should always strive to make improvements and have passion to serve as an ambassador for our brand. 

Who you are:
You should have negotiation and conflict resolution skills
Have a customer service mindset 
Be a natural problem solver and have the ability to see problems with a holistic approach
Be unafraid of new challenges and you develop by setting goals, both individually and in the team

We empower our product teams to operate autonomously just like startups and define their problem space, vision, and the value in solving it. We staff these teams with the skills necessary to solve their problem spaces. Product Managers at Klarna lead these cross-functional product teams and they have full ownership over their problem space and freedom how to solve it for our customers. They are fully accountable for the results of their teams and responsible for steering decisions based on deep knowledge of our customers, usage data of our products, company goals, industry trends, and the competitive landscape relevant to their products. 

One of the main reasons that Klarna is able to bring innovative shopping, payment, and banking solutions to our customers is because collaboration is deeply embedded in our operating model at Klarna. We learned how important it is to have cross functional teams which are staffed with the skills needed to solve their respective problem space. Product managers make use of the various backgrounds, perspectives, and knowledge in order to create world-class products.

What you will learn
To set an inspiring vision, strategy and metrics for your product on which you create buy-in and alignment throughout the organization (especially your own team)
To understand markets, competition, and user requirements in depth
To have a constant and dedicated focus on your customers
To own the budget and PnL for your product
To lead and drive a cross-functional team

You should have:

  • Degree in Business, Marketing, Communication, Economics, Science, Engineering or equivalent
  • Max 3 years of working experience
  • Working proficiency and communication skills in verbal and written English
What we can offer you:

Culture - You'll have an opportunity to work with people from 90+ different countries in our English speaking offices in Stockholm/Berlin city centre.

Learning - We have a learning and development focused environment with an emphasis on knowledge sharing, training, and regular internal technical talks.

Compensation - You’ll receive an attractive salary, pension, and insurance plans. We offer all of our employees an opportunity to invest in a RSU program and own a stake of the company. ´We recognise that life is about more than work, so you’ll get 30 days annual leave and benefits for gym memberships, marathons, and all sorts of activities that promote physical health. 
We know diverse teams are strong teams, so we welcome those with alternative identities, backgrounds, and experiences. Our teams include women, men, mothers, fathers, the self-taught, the college-educated, and people from all over the world.

How to apply:
Send over a CV, cover letter in English and grades. 

We will provide visa assistance if needed when you are offered a position. However, we don't assist with relocation and remote work is not an option for this program.

Klarna is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees and candidates. Please refrain from including your picture and age with your application.