About us

The Urban Sports Club (USC) is about movement, variety and flexibility.

Doing sports together with friends or colleagues at any time and having the freedom to choose what you want to do right now - this was the original idea behind the Urban Sports Club. Choose from over 50 types of sports and more than 2.000 partner venues all over Germany with only 1 membership - what, when and how often you like. While staying flexible and without any long-term contracts.

At USC we are sporty-ambitious and flexible when it comes to our way of thinking as well as in finding solutions all while working in an international team. Our focus is always on community spirit.

...more than just a fitness flatrate! USC provides the biggest and most diverse offer of sports- and wellness activities for Germany.

About the role

Keine passende Stelle dabei? Schicke uns gerne deine Initiativbewerbung! Bitte gib deine Gehaltsvorstellungen und deinen frühestmöglichen Starttermin an.

What you can expect from us

  • Eine kostenfreie L-Mitgliedschaft im Urban Sports Club für dich und deine/n Partner/-in
  • Flache Hierarchien, die viel Eigenverantwortung, Gestaltungsspielraum und Entwicklungspotenzial bieten
  • Ein lockeres, aber leistungsstarkes Team
  • Regelmäßige Teamevents, kostenlose Getränke und Snacks
  • Eine lebhafte, Startup-typische Arbeitsatmosphäre in Berlin