About us

KINEXON provides real-time intelligence and value for a connected world. We fuel the Internet of Things with state of the art sensor networks and edge computing solutions for industries like manufacturing, logistics, retail, sports and media. One core of our solution is a cutting-edge radio technology for high precision localization and motion sensing of objects and people. The other core is an edge platform that uses advanced algorithms to analyze the acquired information and provide valuable insights in real-time. Our solution allows products and processes to be sustainably optimized and automated. As a full-stack provider, we own and understand the complete range from hardware to software. Our solutions are used by prestigious customers & partners such as BMW, Zalando and Red Bull.


This credit-based internship opportunity aims to help you gain more real-life experiences. It is specifically structured as a learning experience, therefore, it's an unpaid position.

  • This internship offers the opportunity to work with player performance tracking data from the NBA and other professional sports leagues.
  • The intern will be working closely with our lead data scientist in the Chicago office and with the Executive Vice President of Performance on a remote basis.
  • Primary responsibilities include upkeep and data cleaning within our application and core data files, creating scripts for automated data processing and feature engineering, producing visualizations, and statistical modelling.
  • The intern will also work continuously on a summer internship project that will utilize statistical modelling to discover key insights regarding performance tracking data; this project will be presented to the U.S. team at the conclusion of the internship.


  • Internship Dates: 06/01/2021, for a minimum of 3, preferably 6 months.
  • This internship is intended as an in-person attendance. If the pandemic does not allow for safe return to work, a remote opportunity is possible.
  • Strong knowledge of the programming language R. The intern may have opportunities to build scripts in other programming languages, such as Python, but the ability to comprehend, interpret, and write R code at a sophisticated level is mandatory.
  • Current or recently completed studies in a statistics/analytics related field. The intern should be comfortable performing and interpreting clustering, regression, and classification models among others.
  • Ability to work independently in an unstructured environment. The intern will also be relied upon to meet client deadlines in a punctual manner.
  • Interested in working with data in sports performance. Basic knowledge of the game of basketball and the current state of the NBA and the NFL.
  • Preferred qualifications with web scraping, visualization software, such as Tableau or Power BI and/or working with API queries.


At KINEXON you will meet like-minded people that are enthusiastic about innovative technology and passionate about solving new challenges as well as building great things as a team.

  • An international team of passionate colleagues and tech enthusiasts with great team spirit and hands-on mentality.
  • Outstanding career and development opportunities due to our strong growth, a steep learning curve and the opportunity to leave a mark.
  • Fascinating system test & launch events with renowned customers.
  • Startup feeling with college credit & a great learning experience.
Unfortunately, we are not able to provide VISA sponsorship for this position. Please be aware that we will not be able to process applicants who are not allowed to legally work in the United States.