Content Marketing Intern (m/f/d)

At Luminovo, we believe that technical progress is the key to solving some of the biggest challenges facing humankind today. We see it as our core purpose to accelerate that technical progress.

When not working on achieving our mission, you'll find us working on building an incredible company culture for our team. We take our values seriously and work hard to ensure we embody them, as well as foster an environment of psychological safety. This forms the foundation for direct and continuous feedback between Luminerds, something that we encourage on a daily basis, regardless of being an intern, founder, full-time Luminerd or casual bystander. We've seen that direct and continuous feedback translates into continuous learning, and continuous learning is something we all want more of.

Since the founding of Luminovo, we've welcomed over twenty different nationalities into our team. With English as our internal operating language, we hope to increase this number as we continue to grow. Saying this, it's also important to us that you bring your whole, authentic self to work every day, and actively teach us what it means to be you.

We love to work with exceptional people on interesting problems. You'll find that some of our team members have graduated from renowned universities, while others have worked for some pretty innovative companies - but this doesn't matter too much to us. What matters most is what you bring to the table everyday and that you resonate with our company values. If you want to know more about the team you could be joining - as well as how we got to where we are now - head over to our About Us page.

Your role

To succeed in this role, you will have to do well in the following performance objectives:

  • Turn content guidelines into compelling, industry-focused and high-quality editorial content in German and English that is tailored to the specific target group.
  • Create visually appealing and textual appropriate materials that support our sales development & sales executive teams in the prospecting and conversion of leads at any stage.
  • Equip our social media channels with content that supports our short to long term awareness, branding and conversion goals.
  • Optimize our content with regards to our search engine keyword performance to increase our ranking, impressions, and clicks for relevant keywords.
  • Optimize our website in technical, content and user-friendly dimensions and ensure that they comply with our quality standards.

Besides that we seek

  • Strong communication skills in writing and in person, both in German (C1) and in English (C1).
  • Have an interest in and be open to learning about the technical aspects of the electronics industry and what we do.
  • Be proactive, committed, and put solutions over problems.


Your Internship

Here are some more fun facts about your internship at Luminovo:

  • We do regular 1:1s, retrospectives, and paper reading groups to make sure we are constantly getting better at what we do.
  • On the same note: we value psychological safety and honest feedback a lot! As an intern, as much as a full-time employee, we expect you to speak up and share your ideas about what we can improve within the company.
  • We do regular company events together, even virtually during COVID (we're talking about rafting on the Loisach in the summer, a mandatory visit to Octoberfest in September, playing laser tag, or doing rather badly at virtual pub quizzes).
  • We have a star-studded organization with each team-member having access to a large network. We're always excited to help our interns build on their knowledge via access to our network.
  • We have a very active #random channel on Slack and regularly enjoy lunch together.
  • Our office is cozy, and located in the center of Munich!


What we value

Just so you know - we purposefully did not create a standard list of minimum qualifications for this role. We care much more about your motivation and ability to help us accelerate technical progress than we care just about your CV. If you're interested to find out more about why we banned requirements from our performance profiles - see here.