Consumer Localization Product Manager - Warsaw/Berlin

Klarna strives to become the world’s favourite way to shop and buy. Online shopping, payments, and banking are rapidly changing and at Klarna we are re-imagining how they all play together in our customers’ lives.  We are obsessed about making the life of millions of consumers more convenient, simple, and delightful and now we are looking for a Product Manager in [market(s)] to help us ensure our products meet the needs of our local consumers. 

At Klarna we are focused on one thing more than anything else - our customers. From innovative consumer products like the Klarna App, Card or flexible Payment Methods, to retailer offerings such as the Klarna Checkout or the merchant portal. We believe that customers are loyal to experience and being a customer-obsessed company, like Klarna, requires constant and dedicated focus on our customers.  Product Managers are at the heart of this obsession, always being loyal to their customers, solving their pains/problems or delighting them with products they didn’t know they needed. 


  • Understand and analyse customer needs as well as competitor’s products. Synthesise customers needs into product requirements.
  • Be the voice of the customer in the market by analysing customer contact data and performing user research.
  • Identify market opportunities and define product vision and strategy for the local market.
  • Identify opportunities in product enhancements by being involved in ongoing UX research and assessing the quality of Klarna's products.
  • Understand market regulations and compliance to make sure our products are in line with them and spot opportunities, not threats when the market shifts.
  • Strong ability in stakeholder management for both internal and external parties and collaboration in all levels.
  • Work with central product and engineering teams to prioritise market needs across Klarna's portfolio of products.
  • Engage closely with development and operational teams to balance scope and delivery timeline.
  • Assist in the development of new products and enhance existing products to achieve product-market fit.

Who you are

  • Courageous - Willing to speak up, make decisions, take calculated risks
  • Detailed Thinkers - Passionate and open-minded while meticulously about data and details
  • Delivers Results - Able to see beyond their own problem space and dependencies to find solutions
  • Challenges the Status Quo - Never misses an opportunity to disrupt the industry and embraces change
  • Lets the Team Shine - Leads with integrity, giving respect and earning trust along the way
  • Starts Small and Learn Fast - Tests, iterates, measures and learns in order to drive innovation

You should have

  • 3+ years of experience with product management, product design or technical consultancy with a focus on software products and technologies.
  • Working proficiency in Polish and English.

You might also have

  • Ability to prioritise complex deliverables, have technical discussions, and collaborate at all levels.
  • Experience in consulting.
  • The ability to quickly understand the big picture and explain the local market needs and product requirements to people that don’t necessarily know about your local market. 

We want to get to know you better if you can identify with the below

  • Likes to think outside the box and spend time on developing complex ideas that can lead to superior products/solutions.
  • Knows what it means to be a team player, helping out where it is needed to make sure that what we are working on gets delivered.
  • Likes a working environment that is well balanced between fun, slightly crazy and highly professional.
  • Interested in joining Klarna on our mission to be the world’s favourite way to pay by being part of our growth in your market.