SyncVR Medical

Business Development Lead

SyncVR Medical provides the largest Virtual Reality Healthcare Platform in Europe, being active in over 45 hospitals in The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Belgium.

SyncVR may be only 2 years of age, but we have big plans. After having established a leading position in The Netherlands and expanded internationally, we need fresh business development power to become the leading VR platform in the German healthcare market. This will be your sole mission!

Ready to become a key player in the rapidly moving VR healthcare industry? Read on!


As a SyncVR BusDev, you will do all that you find necessary to increase traction in German hospitals. From sales sessions on the phone to meetings in hospitals, from long hours in trains to strategizing on new strategies, from putting VR-headsets on patients's heads during demos, to engaging in the technical team to make development plans for new VR-platform features. Each day, you will set steps towards SyncVR Medical becoming the largest medical VR platform in Europe.

What we expect from you:

You are young, energized and an infinite learner You are excited about VR and excited about healthcare; You are entrepreneurial, independent en self-motivated; You can convince people and enjoy doing sales; You are enthused about the fast-moving environment of a startup; You want to improve your own skill set every day and get out of your comfort zone; You are a true high performer who wants to make a difference for patients;

What you can expect from us:

A fast-paced learning curve: you get big challenges instead of tasks to work on, which makes you learn faster; A unique challenge at one of Europe’s most promising healthcare tech startups; Flexibility: you can determine your own hours, as long as you get the results you want; Of course: a VR device

Oh, and what about our team? We are young, small and flexible. The ‘special beers’ after the monthly Demo is a long standing tradition, but it is mostly our mentality and motivation to make an impact and develop ourselves that is the uniting factor in our team - done is better than perfect. Do you want to be part of a roller coaster start-up that really makes a difference?